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A style of no-rules, sucker punch ridden street fighting usually executed by the... mmmwell, the lesser educated, unwashed types and characterized by it's unmistakable "daisy-cutter" action . Far more commonly used back in those less litigious 1970's, back when "victims" wouldn't "go running home to tell mommy", this method of combat relies mainly on its sudden, spastic, often Turrets-like moves to stun and mislead opponents. Popular for it's "make it up as you go" nature, the NJB almost always reflects the tipping point,total meltdown,even borderline psychotic state reached by the practitioner
Yo Joey,we went downtheshore last weekend wit Darlene and Dominic. Man that dude's nuts,some guy was checkin' out Donna on the boardwalk and he went all kinda loco , did the New Jersey breakdance on the dudes face and left him layin' there. Hey yoos going to get cheese steaks !?!?? Don't forget Tastykakes !!
by obyjuan_dv April 13, 2011
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