Team that was so full of themselves in the 2007 - 2008 season they actually made 19 - 0 gear before the Super Bowl against the greatest fucking team the New York Giants. A team that has asterisks after their 3 Super Bowl wins in the 2000's. Their coach is Bill Belichick, a guy who can show his team credit and say they are the best, but doesnt wanna give anyone else credit when their team gets their ass handed to them in the Super Bowl. Their Quarterback is Tom Brady, a guy who crys like a little bitch when his team loses and choked 5 times getting sacked and going 18 - 1 losing the "biggest game of his career". Their main Wide Receiever is Randy Moss who is another bitch just like his quarterback. Both Moss and Brady dropped out of the Pro Bowl to go cry in their beds about choking on perfection. Mercury Morris cant stand these guys and loves the fact his '72 dolphins are the only perfect team in "perfectville". Basically, a team full of shit who cant win the big one when it counts.
Retarded New England Patriots Fan : 19 - 0 bitch, yeah Giants aint gonna do shit they suck.

Giants Fan : We'll see you loser.

(After the Super Bowl)

Giants Fan : What was that? 19 - 0?

Pats Fan : Shut up, we still won 18 games!

Giants Fan : Ok, wheres the Lombardi Trophy at and where are your rings? Exactly, shut up and bow down to your daddy bitch.
by Tom Coughlin February 05, 2008
see: cheaters, entitled, ignorant, classless.

Their ignorant fans claim that every team cheats but SOMEHOW only they got caught doing it. Not only is this NOT true, but the Patriots are such a classless team that they need to cheat to actually win a game. Patriots fans are the biggest pansies to ever grace this earth. If you don't believe me, listen to them whine about everything, including every time they win OR lose.
Boston d-bags...
Hmmm isn't it funny how the New England Patriots haven't won a Super Bowl since they were caught SPYING on another team...

I know and they only won the other Super Bowls in their "dynasty" by getting lucky. Probably cheated on those too.
by giantmanninginyourmouth January 23, 2012
The most overrated team in NFL history. They are led by the most overrated player, Tom Brady. The only reason they won the Superbowls was because of their kicker and everybody else on their team sucks ass... They have a player named Gay.
The New England Patriots are 1 - 6 against the Dallas Cowboys and if they ever play sometime soon it will be 1 - 7
by Rydawg April 23, 2006
term used to describe a girl that has a nice body but and ugly face (nice uniform but bad helmet) aka as butterface
Jamie Lee Curtis is a new england patriot
by bruedabaker June 17, 2009
To become very popular as a result of (retarded) post-9/11 sentiments due to your title, be caught breaking the rules by illegally taping private information, and then become resented far later than it should take by gullible Americans. Also called a "George W. Bush."
The New England Patriots are cheating cunts.

During his term in office, George W. Bush pulled a New England Patriots.
by JohnJF February 17, 2008
syn. - To Choke, To choke under pressure, can't win when they need to, THE BIGGEST LOSERS IN HISTORY!!!!!!!!!!
Person 1:Did you see that guy lose that game?
Person 2:Yeah! He must have came from the New England Patriots.
by cacapoopoopeepee February 04, 2008
The only NFL team to go undefeated and get caught cheating in a regular season.
"Yea, I'm from Bastan, Mass and I love the New England Patriots. Theyre' wicked good and Brady's going to do it all!"

"STFU! Don't you know that the Patriots, like all the other New England sports teams, are a bunch of cheating bastards?"

"Oh yea? You're jealous because we have Taaaaaam Brady. Best QB eva'! Oh, and go red saaaaaaxx."
by ERAU Nigga January 13, 2008

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