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A newbie. (A person that is new to something.) See newbie
That newblood cannot even fire a rifle! Give him some more training before he is deployed to our special operations!
by Anonymous August 03, 2003
6 1
A Tribes Vengeance player who is too lazy to put a name into their profile; therefore, they are given the default name "Newblood".
Another Newblood? That makes... 2 so far!
by Red Shifter February 17, 2005
5 3
The most kickass clan in runescape. All the other clans are scared as shit to fight new bloods in fear of getting owned.
Person 1: omg its new bloods person 2: lets get the hell out of here person 1: dies person 3: FOREHEAD FOREHEAD FOREHEAD
by Nick12fromNB March 19, 2009
8 7
Racist mass recruiting PC clan who dont step foot into the wilderness
Look at them new bloods more like new bloods!!!!! roflmao
by kwarky January 31, 2009
5 11
New member of KULT or KBM (Kult BlackMilk)
H'm, not many newbloods these days, boyo.
by Macavity October 30, 2003
3 9