a 16 year old kid that lives in surrey, usually busy smoking weed at a near by school or playing videogames, wears a leather jacket and thinks hes a crazy ma fucka, but he isnt
man, that neville guy is such a douche
by Jim Jomson January 07, 2005
Top Definition
much like daniel cambell, neville jones is the second largest crackhead in surrey, his love for the cock is much stronger and can often be found whoring himself behind bus stops for smokes. neville's are rarely seen in the wild and may require a trap using smokes as bait to be seen.
damn that neville guy smokes everything....just today he has smoke 15 dubes, 8 poles and about an 80 rock while i waited for me bus
by bobinder January 24, 2005
biggest fruitcake around, he just simply loooves the cock. He's a great example of a flamming queen.
hey look at that neville guy, sucking cock like usual
by Trevor the destroyer January 09, 2005
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