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Redline your p.o.s vehicle then slam it into reverse without letting off the gas(usually results in transmision being unlatched from the vehicle which then causes instantaneous engine failure and also results in the imeddiate uncotrollable sensation of laughter and a feeling of great relief)........C-Unit
"dude my car is a peice of shit im about to neutral bomb it"
by artie tio roge August 04, 2006
The act of parking a car at the top of a parking lot on a hill and releasing the parking brake so that the car slowly rolls down the hill, confusing the shit out of any one in the lot. The steady control of the parking break ensure a slow and steady speed.

For extra confusion, put down the seats down so that no neither you, or any of your passengers and visible to the people outside.

Tip: works best at night
"Dude, I was walking to my car last night when a sketchy car just slowly rolled by with no one in it."
"Bro you were neutral bombed!. Thats straight hood rat shit, nigga"
by The Great Niggrissimo January 30, 2012
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