It's a brand name for prosthetic nuts. If a man has cancer and has to get one or both of his testicles removed, a Neuticle is put in it's place. Or if a man would like his balls to be larger, a Neuticle can be put inside the sack.
"They had to lop off one of my nuts b/c they said I had testicular cacer, but they put a Neuticle in it's place,"said Bob.
by Jessica Carlson September 30, 2006
Top Definition
Canine prosthetic testicles.
My dog has a phat ass pair of neuticles.
by Karl Hungus December 02, 2003
An artificial testicle designed for your domestic Pet following neutering. The company motto is "Looking and feeling the same."
"I feel so bad about neutering Spot. I think I'll get him a pair of large neuticles."

"Bull-buyers should be very careful when assessing a bull for the presence of neuticles. Cough!"
by J-Man December 12, 2004
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