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a prescription drug prescribed, mostly by neurologists/psychiatrists (occasionally by the more lax family practitioner)...known as one of several 'umbrella drugs' (generic--gabapentin )

*many symptoms may be attached; feeling 'dumbed'-down (in first week-2 week adjustment phase), word recall issues (similar to the topamax-'dopamax' effect (less of a word recall / confusion issue--rather, neurontin is more symptomatic of clumsiness/light-headedness/dizziness issues
prescribed, initially, for neural pain stemming from shingles, now a greater branch of uses more liberally neurontin} is prescribed--several MDs use for ADD-type diagnosis; more commonly (and appropriately) prescribed for depression-related symptoms, often in conjunction with bipolar disorder. used here as a type of buffer for the transitional period between one's 'highest' moments of mania into deepest depressive state, can also be used successfully in conjunction with other mood stabilizers/SSRIs (very rarely a drug prescribed by itself)
by psych_info_MD September 02, 2009
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