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misspelled term for newb, noob, meaning one who sucks at a particular game (video-game), they are not new to the game, but possess some determent that prevents them from playing well, no matter how long they have been practicing playing the game.

synonyms- a Dan Wood, noob, newbie, newb
antonyms- an Alex, elite, 1337, leet
Boy 1: OMG a triple kill! I own at this game!

Boy 2: None of them were moving you nub?!

Boy 1: I'm not a neub! *then begins to cry
by miacane007 May 28, 2005
50 10
non educated ugly bastard
calling A person neub non educated ugly bastard
by parkhurst8481 December 21, 2006
15 10
pronounced new-b. n. someone who uses cheap, juvenile tactics to win a game.
while playing a game, halo2 on the xbox, some neub used the standby button on his modem to win.
by robert william huegel May 04, 2005
7 31
It's what idiot like Bunker thinks the word "noob" is spelled
"Jamison is a neub" - Bunker
by Nick Studt June 02, 2003
6 35
What Brad Calls himself
I'm an neuB!
by John Harris August 04, 2003
3 33