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(verb) Similar to boycott. To use the power of a multitude of weak consumers banding together to put a dent in specific corporation's policy of screwing said consumers over for the company's own financial gain thinking that consumers will not cancel said service for lack of better options.
Citibank is adding a $15 monthly fee for the maintenance of checking accounts under $6,000 (true story)! Let's all close our accounts and Netflix 'em!
by JohnBaum November 04, 2011
When you have a micro penis and are in your board shorts with netting and want to jerk off; you have to use a flicking motion through the net.
When you come back from the pool and want to rub one out but your mom walks in.

Mom: what are you doing Danny?
Danny: don't worry about it, ma...I'm on Netflix!
by Grace B July 06, 2013
to speculatively alter a successful product in a failed attempt to promote a new product, inadvertently angering users, sacrificing years of goodwill, and driving people away from the original product
Google just Netflixed itself when it pushed Google Plus to the top of its search results page.
by foreheadling January 14, 2012
1. marijuana
2. smoke marijuana
3. get marijuana
1. Yo, you have netflix?
2. Hey I have an idea, we should go watch netflix.
3. My netflix ran out yesterday, I need to go get more.
by SqueakyPipes January 21, 2013
Noun. Shortened way of saying "DVDs received by mail from Netflix online DVD rental service"
I'm not going out tonight. I have alot of netflix at home. Or, I've just returned some Netflix, so I have nothing to watch.
by Becky June 03, 2004
A fabulous online site that you have to pay for (not very much) to watch unlimited movies. Of coarse some movies just aren'tonline but there are so many great movies.
Hey wanna come over we can watch"The Breakfast Club" On netflix
The other day i was sick so, i watched "PLL" All day
by Dance 4 evaaaaaaaa November 13, 2013
verb: To add a dvd to your netflix queue with the expressed purpose of burning it and adding to your dvd collection.
Yeah, I love Old School. I'm gonna netflix it so that I can have a copy at home.
by A-dan September 26, 2005