A video streaming service which is the reason I'm single.
Friend: Dude you should move out of your mom's basement.
Me: But she pays for my netflix.
when a business engages in an act of self-immolation, generally for inexplicable or poorly explained reasons.
Dude, that company Netflixed itself.
by @BoomGoesTheDynamite September 20, 2011
A sex position where you meet someone and have sex, then meet back again for more in 1-2 business days.
Justin: I just had some fun with this girl last night. I totally want to Netflix her.
Brian: Nice Justin, just remember to go out and buy Blackwater, it will be romantic.
by FapperDeDolphin November 08, 2011

Netflix is life

kinda like on demand, but better with more choices and no commercials
I watched Netflix until 4 am last night!!
by food:D January 14, 2015
A convenient, non awkward term for people to ask for a hookup.
"Hey man, how was your night?"
"Freaking awesome, Stacie came over and watched Netflix"
"Ohhh I see, 'Netflix' huh"
"Yeah no we totally boned."
by Lastragonian April 05, 2015
(verb) Similar to boycott. To use the power of a multitude of weak consumers banding together to put a dent in specific corporation's policy of screwing said consumers over for the company's own financial gain thinking that consumers will not cancel said service for lack of better options.
Citibank is adding a $15 monthly fee for the maintenance of checking accounts under $6,000 (true story)! Let's all close our accounts and Netflix 'em!
by JohnBaum November 04, 2011
A fabulous online site that you have to pay for (not very much) to watch unlimited movies. Of coarse some movies just aren'tonline but there are so many great movies.
Hey wanna come over we can watch"The Breakfast Club" On netflix
The other day i was sick so, i watched "PLL" All day
by Dance 4 evaaaaaaaa November 13, 2013
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