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Definition of most amazing shadow priest playing on Auchindound Realm. Owner of four pieces of Tier 6 Armour (Absolution Regalia)and three rarest Whelplings in the game (Azure, Emerald and Dark one. Nesya is kind of Shadow Priest doing impossible things even tho its most likely recommended to do by another Classes. Eg tanking bosses, healing.
Actually member of The Tempted 2nd guild on Auchindound server.

Also known as PvP god and one of the moust famous whiners about shadow priest
arena and overall pvp viability.
Lyka: Ok our warlocks sux and we dont have elemental shammie. Nesya you kite.

Jedbring: Nesya you are so amazing you need to be in group with destruction warlocks that have learn 2 life tap issues

by Jedbring April 18, 2008
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Nesya means to clean an elephants trunk. Most commonly in the middle of the summer by the watering hole when a lion is standing next to you eating an antelope. Only then is when you call it a Nesya. It is rare that this ever happens.
hey the other day in the jungle i saw somebody doing the nesya. I was scared because there was a lion.
by cat licker April 19, 2010
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A girl who has rocking hips. A great actress with an amazing sense of creativity and humor. One of the most loyal people you will meet. Family will always come first to her, and her friends and education are very important. Always thinks she doesn't look good but always looks amazing.
Person 1 "Do you think I could pull Nesya?"

Person 2 "Hell no, your an 8 and she's not even on the scale."
by Lizzy Peach May 18, 2016
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