What moose are in Canada, and what women are in Japan.
Canada: where the men are men and the moose are nervous.
by Still_Trippin' November 15, 2006
A women one is trying to hook up with but is unaware of her feelings towards him. So called because the women in question makes the wooer nervous.
Friend 1: How's nervous doing?
Friend 2: She's killing me man, I have no idea what she wants.
by Jake March 02, 2004
ok its a game where u need a group of guys and girls. then a girl and a guy get together and start DOING STUFF... going further and further if u get me. u are basically trying to get the other person horny. when one of you gets horny you say 'NERVOUS', and both of you stop and go onto another person. but if neither of you get horny at all then.. well u end up DOING IT lol in the end. its a great game try it
there is no example.. u have to play it to experience it.
when u get horny from wot the person is doin then u say NERVOUS and u both stop. get me.
by Xx BlondeNess xX April 26, 2007

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