ok its a game where u need a group of guys and girls. then a girl and a guy get together and start DOING STUFF... going further and further if u get me. u are basically trying to get the other person horny. when one of you gets horny you say 'NERVOUS', and both of you stop and go onto another person. but if neither of you get horny at all then.. well u end up DOING IT lol in the end. its a great game try it
there is no example.. u have to play it to experience it.
when u get horny from wot the person is doin then u say NERVOUS and u both stop. get me.
by Xx BlondeNess xX April 26, 2007
Top Definition
A game played by teenagers generally where one person (usually male) touches the female in a variety of spots, getting more intimate with each new place. Each time he touches her somewhere new, he asks if she is nervous, and if she says no, he continues to move on to more intimate parts of the body until she decides she is too nervous for him to move on.
"Sally and Jack played nervous for 3 hours last night"
by Lauren April 04, 2004
A condition of fear that causes one to be tense, awkward, jittery, and apprehensive, possibly with trembling or excitability, often caused by being uncertain of what dangers may be looming or how to handle them.

For example, teenagers regularly feel nervous when they don't know what an attractive person of the opposite sex thinks of them.
"as nervous as a leaf in a tornado"

"as nervous as a nun in a sperm bank"
by Pro-Love Girl April 25, 2010
v., to worry; to scare; to bother; to cause feelings of tension or concern; to evoke agitation or distress.
"She nervouses me." (As uttered by incomparable 'New York' on the VH1 program 'Flava of Love')
by thithyphuth February 28, 2006
a game that teens play where a girl and boy sit across from each other with their legs next to each other. one starts with their hand at the other's ankle and then moves their hand up their partners leg until the partner gets "nervous" if their parntner doesn't get nervous well guess who just made it to third base
guy 1: I played nervous with Emily last night
guy 2: no way how far did she let you go
guy 1: the top of her thigh
by itsreallyenterating February 09, 2013
A term describing a state wherein something is amiss, broken, partially missing, incomplete, or otherwise insufficient.
Funkmaster Flex "Yo, turn me up in my headphones. My headphones have a lot of static ... my headphones are mad nervous, yo!"
by lingabao August 23, 2012
A little shakey, maybe not what something wants to or is supposed to be... A bit suspicious.
That mix was a little nervous, bro. The DJ cleared the floor with that Kwame track.
by ill trooper February 24, 2003
Being unshaven or otherwise unkept; shaggy.
"You're lookin a little nervous, better tighten that up"
by Curtis Couples September 19, 2009
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