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A black man from a middle class background who wants to be like the street 'niggaz'. Will dress in outlandish 70s pimp gear and fuck up drug deals through a transparent lack of experience. Will try to talk the nigga talk but will invariably give himself away with overuse of dated terminology and lapses into refinement. Essentially a nice guy who longs to be bad.
Nervous Nigga: Soooo, ma man. Here's the muthafucking snow, do you have ma muthafucking dough?
Real Nigga: I'm sorry? Oh I see. This nigga's puttin on a lil song an dance routine.
NN: Now muthafuck! It's time for da feet to hit da street! Ma dough, Bro!
RN: You're kinda lil excited ain't ya? Just chill y'all.
NN: Now see here, if you don't pay up then so help me God Nigel here will set about you with a Stanley knife and tear three new bumholes in your coal black face.
RN: Nigel? Stanley what?
Nigel: Leave me out it, Charles Henry. I'll do no such thing.
RN: Well now. If we don't have us a coupla nervous niggaz. Y'all enjoying LA?
Nigel: Oh yes. Very much so. Almost as scenic as Richmond on Thames.
by Dave Fritzenburger December 31, 2007
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