Someone who puts the lemon on before the sugar on a pancake.
- Surely it doesn't matter which one you put on first? It all gets mixed together anyway, right?
- I pity you. The plight of the nermal is a tragic one.
by MikeyLear January 27, 2008
Top Definition
The "world's cutest kitten", who tends to annoy Garfield on a regular basis. Because of this, Nermal gets shipped in a box to Abu Dhabi quite often.
Nermal likes to flaunt her cuteness.
by Sarahsuke December 27, 2003
udderly cute yet very annoying
Cheerleaders are nermal
by jefcar March 15, 2005
A term for an annoying, naive and/or otherwise doltish person. Coined from Garfield the Cat's annoying younger cousin.
Quit bugging me you nermal!!
by Robin January 06, 2004
A cute, usually shaved pussy.
Fuck da titty's, lemme see your nermal.
by Erik Nixon November 28, 2004
To be not normal. To be just that little bit werid.
Dude, that was crazy! Your not normal, your nermal
by naughty nermal October 09, 2010
a cat that sometimes acts like a dog.
a "stoner kitty."
nermal and i got so high last night; that cat loves her marijuana.
by I'll never tell October 11, 2004
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