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the name given to the water/piss splash which wets ones bottom when excreting a particularly heavy shit when sat on the toilet
i was a victim of neptune's kiss after having a shit
by cunningstunt June 11, 2004
The splashback of cold bog water up your ringpiece when dropping the kids off at the pool.
(from cubicle): "Aaaaaah"
(from other cubicle): "Neptune's kiss?"
(from first cubicle): "More of a peck on the cheek."
by Dannyboffin October 13, 2007
when the water bounces up at your butt after you poop
aw man i got a Neptune's Kiss
by Daniela_gAmer January 27, 2015
When your shit makes such a splash it comes up and hits your crack
Damn, that shit was so big I got Neptune's kiss
by Redrose96 December 01, 2015
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