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A common abreviation for "Night Elf Porn"
dood i was dlin' this kewl nep off of kazaa yesterday
by Jewb February 28, 2004
2 38
abbreviation for North East Portland(oregon)
I'm from the N-e-p
by John brown December 05, 2003
191 88
No Effort Pleasure

e.g. Blowjobs, handjobs etc
Boy 1: I'll speak later man, I'm going upstairs for a NEP
Boy 2: Lolol, you mean nap?
Boy 1: Nahh, my girlfriends waiting upstairs to give me a blowy.
by Kerflunk November 26, 2010
12 9
A nepalese person
Auburn is full of neps
by 10lo March 19, 2014
1 0
Nipples : can be either male or female but more frequently female.
" That girl has the hottest neps ! "
by ténti December 30, 2013
3 3
A non-entrepreneur.
He couldn't possibly understand what we are talking about, he's a NEP. 
by Dr. DK May 30, 2012
2 2
Slang for nope.
Jane: You want some of this turkey tetrazzini?
John: Nep.
by zarquad January 04, 2010
13 16
A wily, sometimes believed to be a ficticious character said to be born in the late 20th century. While farily reserved and secretive early on, the 21st century has proved to be an exploding point for this tyranic specimen. Like the biblical character Samson, all of his power is yielded in what some call his hair, which is often blinding and needs to be contained by an advanced form of a headband. Uncannily, he also possesses the ability to hold a handstand for several seconds. Additional super powers include the ability to drive the average person to insanity with the constant screaming of several different phrases. When in trouble, radioactive socks are used to paralyze and drive away any foes who seem to be a threat. While nothing has been confirmed, this diabolical genious has once finished a slider in one half of one hour.
Nep is a figure to be feared now, and long into the future days to come.............
by Tom Goodman August 02, 2005
23 31