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A new vagina surgically-created from the skin of the penis and tucked inside the body in what is known as 'transitional sugery', or sex-reassignment for transsexuals.
Transgenderd males (also: 'transformed', 'transitioned', or 'reassigned' men) are facing a larger problem or 'crisis of masculinity': it's part of the emerging 'gender theory' that stresses that transsexual men are inherently born with a 'gender-different' mark which 'signifies' their bodies as masculine when they are feminine inside (or what is usually refered to as 'brain sex').
These 'presenting symptoms' can lead to 'gender dysphoria: a working title for any psychological factor that is working its toll on trannies.

There's now a 'trans movement' (transgendered right's movement), in America where you can hear T or 'Truth' (the fact that they have had a real sex-change, or 'cut' the 'candy') being discussed in special gender-identity clinics.
Similiar to the neovagina, a 'bionic womb' is now the new frontier for full transition.
by hammer---;, hytham April 12, 2007

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