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The main (and so far only) planet in the online pet game neopets, it includes the worlds where you can take your pets to see things. However, it is used amongst neopians more often to mean neopets itself, even things extending past that which is accessable from the actual neopia map, such as the boards. This is largely becuase all of neopets is seen as somehow part of teh over all neopia.
I am going to take my pet to some less important parts of neopia
by Maxwellhansen February 09, 2008
A vast and ever changing fictional world on the website, Neopets. When fanfiction is done right, what is normally a kid's site can become an epic tale of love, loss, and combat.
"Hunter knew something had to be done. The other Chosen Ones of Neopia must be found, and he shall lead them..."
by Hunter Pendragon May 02, 2008
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