1) Someone who has no skill, knowledge, or expertise in any given subject area
2) a nooblet
3) Someone who is anything but l33t
4) Someone Tottaly unworthy of saying anything l33t such as "woot" "RTFMFM" "STFU" "STUFUNOOB" ""n00b" or anything along those lines
5) Somone whose age in years does not excede the length of his penis.
"Hey neophyte, get off the server" -or- "Hey neophyte, thanks for chuckin that 'nade into the hallway just as i walked" by -or- "Get outta the Gene Pool, neophyte"
by Eli Tistazhol October 18, 2003
Top Definition
someone new to something.
Without much knowledge pertaining to a subject
Stinkin neophyte stole my packages and didnt even know what they were
by larstait October 09, 2003
1. N00b, newbie, in other words, somebody new to something (mostly applied in religious circles)

2. A priest who just started his pracice.

3.Name of a Hardcore/Gabber DJ who was and still is quite popular for it's massive speedy and pumping beats.
1. "So your the new neophyte here? I think you should go to that room for further instructions"

2. Guy 1. "New priest?"
Guy 2. "Yeah, you can notice that he's still quite the neophyte"

3. "Wow, did you hear that last new Neophyte song? I thought my speakers would explose!"
by Killythefox September 29, 2004
A new fraternity brother/sorority sister that has not yet paid there dues.
Until you've paid your dues bitch, we're allowed to haze you now!!!!!!
by EX March 23, 2005
Gotta be the best fuckin hardcore DJ in the world !
woah dude you gotta listen to neophyte vs evil activites, IT OWNZ !
by Deathlok May 05, 2006
A n00bie. Has no fscking idea what he/she is doing, and wouldn't know what a manual was if he/she rtfm.
That asshat neophyte is killing us because he can't point the gun in the right direction. Fricken n00bs.
by neophyte November 18, 2003
A person who rides seahorses in the blue lagoons off the coast of Norway.
Joe is a neophyte, because he rides seahorses in the blue lagoons off the coast of Norway.
by Joseph Goodrich December 11, 2005
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