An annoying website where you adopt weird "pets" that you can name and take care of, give them pets and then give their pets pets. You earn money (np) by playing very bad games, and some things are exclusive to neocash that you have to pay for. The staff are not any better, as the reporting scheme is WORSE than in youtube and deviantart. They favour over users, they suspend (aka Freeze) you for no reason and they have bad attitudes.

12 Reasons not to play Neopets:

1. The Games
2. Gameplay
3. Noobs
4. The boards
5. The Staff
6. No longer free!
7. Freezing
8. Paintbrushes
9. Items
10. Hypocrisy
11. The pets
12. Waste of time.
1. The Games.
The Games here SUCK! Most are ripoffs of classic games, like Snake II, Arkanoid and also some others. The rest are boring games (Although Hassee Bounce was ok). Also, Neopoint payouts are so low getting them is TEDIOUS.

2. Gameplay
You take care of up to 4 pets and you buy stuff for them and their home. That's all.

3. Noobs
Self explanatory

4. The boards
Full of Noobs, report happies and also liberal douches.

5. As I've said, they make Hitler seem cool.

6.No longer free!

That's right, you have to pay for the good features on this stupid website. Want to dress up your pet? Make a house? PAY UP! It's becoming like Millsberry, another sucky game.

7. Unfair freezing
Very often, mainly because of noobs, report happies and liberal douches from being on the boards.

8. Paintbrushes
Pay over 9,000 (x50) Neopoints to change your neopet's colour! Hooray!

9. Items
Pay points for items to feed your neopets, groom it and even to use as collectables. Whoop dee doo.

Saying "happy easter" or "Merry Christmas" will get you banned. Funny, since there is a Christmas Paintbrrush for use!

11. Pets
Weird looking little fuckers in all the colors of the rainbow and other designs! I call bullshit.

12. Waste of time
Self explanatory.
by InternetCritic May 01, 2010
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A hugely addicting site, That supposedly cares about it's members. What it actually is, Though, Is an ad-infested site with a report happy at every corner. TNT (Theneopetsteam) Will freeze you for anything, Unless you are featheralley, Of course. So, If you want my opinion, Stay the hell away from this site
user11: Hi, I'm new to neopets, Could you help me out?
n00b: LYK ZOMG TTLY R3p0r774d!

TNT: Oh look, We just got a report. Apparently user11 has
been spamming. Well, Who the hell cares about actually looking into it? As long as they make a new account and give us money, It's all good.
by Glowdis October 04, 2009
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1. A worldwide virtual website on which you create pets. Using these pets you can do the following:
chat on boards (where you can get reported for abuse)
submit work for art, poetry, newspaper article and storytelling competitions and recieve a 'trophy'
play a wide variety of many many games to earn neopoints
join a guild which is a group of people with the same interests as you e.g a simpsons guild
fight with other pets online and take part in wars which the website creates interesting plots for
make neofriends by sending neomails
and much more fun stuff

WARNING As the neopets boards are monitered due to it being open to kids, users often find themselves frozen for not using the boards properly. This leads to hostility towards neopets from people that have been frozen before. It is also seen as a waste of time, which it may be, but a FUN waste of time.
I just love the Help Chat on neopets.com - the people are so friendly and have great avatars
by choc0faerie March 14, 2004
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A hugely popular virtual games site that is, I will admit, quite addicting.
It was created for bored college students but was converted to be kid-friendly when a bunch of under-20s started playing. Apparently there used to be theme parks with a bunch of random items and there was this transportation thingy that brought you to different places for items like totems. That was all scrapped, though, when I started playing.
The games aren't always updated but the old ones are still fun. Every June, there's an "Altador Cup" thing and we play games to earn points to win the Cup! You also earn neopoints from playing games.
Over-13s or kids with a consent form mailed/faxed to TNT (The Neopets Team) get to go to the Neoboards, a place where one board is singled out to be spammed and all the others are virtually spam-free. Battledome chatters are rich, Avatar chatters are mostly stuck-up and have "elite" friends.
All in all, Neopets is a fun game site where coding is easy to do and hopefully they change the new layout back to the old one ^^
user 1: do you play neopets?
user 2: no
user 1: omg! it's so fun. you should try it out.
*after user 2 plays neopets for a while*
user 2: omg! i love it!
by Neolover June 04, 2007
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Neopets is a virtual game usually went on age 5-7. It used to be cool, until they took down the general chat on the Message Boards. They took it down because all these 7 year olds were all like: "LOLOLOLOLOLOL HAY ANY GIRLZ WANNA B MAH GF IF U NO WUT I MEEN" and some maturer person year old goes like: "HEY KID! NO ONE WILL EVER DATE YOU BECAUSE PEOPLE CAN THINK YOU'RE A PEDOPHILE." They freeze people that do this and REMOVED THE WHOLE GENERAL CHAT. Silly Adam, too cheap to FREEZE PEOPLE.
"HAY GUISE U LIEK TO GO ON NEOPETZ" "...Shut the hell up, idiot. Neopets is dumb."
by Coolguy Mcgee December 17, 2008
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Despite what some may say, Neopets is the best ever virtual pets website invented. You get to pie clowns, rip people off, and starve overly-cute fuzzy little surreal freaks to death! What better way to spend a Saturday?
by Lumpkin June 24, 2005
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A website that is better than Runescape in everyway, The reasons being:

1) You don't have to pay, to get total use of the website.

2) It's much harder to gain Neopoints (Neopets currency) then it is to gain Runescape coins which makes it more challenging.

The reason most people would say "neopets sucks" on this website, is because they swear on the boards and are frozen for it.

Even though Neopets is addictive it is also extremely fun and you won't find anything better on the internet.

I have an average account, but I love this game and if you have a problem with noobs remember, they have no intelligence, it's not their fault, they were born that way.
Either ignore them or block them.
Neopets is good not bad people only hate cause they're frozen.

Most people think that rich people on neopets buy thier items and neopoints.
There is no current way to do such a thing.

PS I wish I could.
by Iggleblad April 30, 2005
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