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A plastic pair of sunglasses that have large neon colored frames and black lenses. They are the new rage for late teen to early twenty year old's who think they're the best thing since sliced bread. You can see people wearing them in groups, usually to signify that they ARE on top of the new fad. Usually worn well with Converse or Vans shoes along with a fresh Ed Hardy or Tapout branded t-shirt.

Frequent users of these green, pink, yellow, blue sunglasses include:
-airheaded sorority girls
-douchebags who are trying to fit in when really they are making themselves look even more foolish
-any person with an extraordinarily small amount of self esteem
-those people from high school that always knew what the latest fad was, even before it came out.
-meathead frat guys
Airhead slut 1: Like, do you have any more of those neon sunglasses? That random guy who I had sex with last night took them.

Airhead slut 2: No, but I'll pick some more up from the dollar store when I go to get my herpes cream.
by Amazonlady68 April 22, 2009
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