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Invented by Courtney Conformity. The bright version of the punk stereotype. Like scene, but brighter and more hardcore. Basically punk dunked in glow sticks and fluro paint. Used to contradict stereotypists.
very bright tights.
Very bright fingernails and eye shadow.
Fluro paint splotches and patches.
Rainbow dyed hair.
Fluro peircing jewellery.
Example 1:
Wemo kid 1: "I like your style, where do you get all your bright emo things?"
CourtneyxConformity: "Uh, its not emo. Its neon punk."
Wemo kid 2: "Omg cool, I wanna be neon punk too."

Example 2:
Scene kid 1: "Wow those tights are so fluro and scene."
Neon punk: "They're not scene they're neon punk, you idiot."
by courts August 31, 2007
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