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a girl that is very bright,colorful and loud.most importantly,she's a gay men flock to her and she does not go anywhere with her entourage of gay men.
two gay men are talking
guy 1:damn, i hella love julia.
guy 2:yeah, me's because she's a neon barbie.
by love them so:) July 07, 2010
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Usually a hawt scene gurls that lykes to dress in bright, bright colors. Pinks, bright blues, greens, etc. Guys too can be called brutal barbies

Pete: OMKittens. That is one hawt neon barbie. lawl. got her number. score

Tom: lol. She looks pretty hardxcore. <3 her too. She'll probably get marry in a bright pink dress.
by BraydenTantalizer September 08, 2008

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