Yo realist good word! (and yes I know its a real word...now... thanks for the knowledge it's somewhat scarce around these parts!)
If I had a neologism I would be a neologist...no?
by the voice of reason April 30, 2003
New words coined by the psychotic.
Pardon my apparent neologisms, they are colloquial terms I learned from my father.
by Reuel Titus October 21, 2003
n. New semen. From the Latin "neo" meaning new and from the American "gism" meaning stuff that pumps from a man's cock at orgasm.
"People who try to come up with neologisms to satisfy their egos are covered in neologism."
by JC February 17, 2004
The One's manjuice
Trinity was covered in neologism after the scene in Zion
by Hoisky Poisky April 22, 2004
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