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A name given to people whos political ideal is akin to that of the German National Socialist (Nazi) party of the 1930's and 1940's. Neo-Nazism can also be called White Nationalism. It appears in mainly North American and European countries. The cornerstone of the ideology is the want for these countries to be peopled by whites and support the exclusion of non-whites. It is usually supported by white working class people, especially those from mixed race areas.
Neo-Nazis are the subject of the film "American History X"
by JT December 16, 2004
Neo Nazi's are people who hold the beliefs and values of Nazi's in Germany during the Third Reich/Nazi Germany back in 1933-1945. But anyone who is not German or who is especially an American is a complete moron if they say they are a Neo Nazi. Hitler was the enemy of the Americans. We lost many men on our side because of him and the Nazis. Obviously Neo Nazi's do not know anything about World War 2. Eisenhower ,our leader was shocked and cried at the sight of the death camps and made sure it got to the public and had memorials designed to remember the Holocaust victims and we blew up Many statues with the Nazi symbol (swastika) on it. So therefore any American who claims to be Nazi is a traitor and in dire need of a history lesson.
Hey man I am a Neo Nazi now!( His Friend then says): You idiot we fought the Nazis and millions of people on our side died because of the Nazis and Hitler. If you lived back then, then you were at war fighting against the Nazis you stupid idiot.
by Starr James June 25, 2009
The Nazis of today who are usually fans of Hitler. They mostly believe that Jews/homosexuals/coloured people who aren't white/Muslims/all religions are retarded and that the world would be a better place with just Aryans.

They must be stopped. No one realises that they are getting bigger and stronger than ever, and if their plans aren't abolished soon, we might well be heading for another, more crueller, World War 2 (the European war, I mean). Need I say more...?
David Irving. Ask about him in any history class and you'll get a lot of dark, dark looks.
by Jo February 23, 2005
People who think they hate jews but in reality do not even know what a jew is. Also notorious for their dislike of people with a skin colour not matching their own. The average neonazi has an IQ invertly proportional to their boot size and a penis to match.
Oh shit, I've failed to graduate in the University of Life. I'm a plain and simple dumbhead. I think I'll become a neonazi so people will have to respect me !
by Muffindamule October 01, 2006
People that hate jews and just sit around all day talking about useless shit. They will never amount to anything great.

See UN
Hey, Isreal sure does suck don't it?
by Elitist February 29, 2004
Someone who is remarkably in love with the idea of Social Darwinist survival of the Fittest, given that their idol LOST the 1939-45 war. Someone who given half a chance would wipe out all the blacks, Jews, gays, Slavs, left-wingers and other obvious non-Nazis in the world but isn't brave enough to declare their allegiance openly, instead using coy group names like Combat-18 (the number being code for Hitler's initials), or some such. A coward.
Let's be neo-Nazis. Hey, wouldn't it be great if we started another war, and, like, lost it again?
by Fearman July 28, 2007
A group of retarded white people who fight for the cause of being white and ignorant without any other reason besides "whites are a superior race" and "we love butt sex", otherwise known as douche bags.
Kevin: Yo Pete, look at that guy across the street with the shaved head and his shirt off displaying a swastika tattoo! I think he's a Neo Nazi!

Pete: Nah Kevin, that's just a bald Douche Bag.
by RepetitiveDick November 07, 2009
A modern day nazi. Someone who worships Hitler, even though he lost his attempt to destroy Jews and never even made it to the United States. Their whole loser lives is obsessed on destroying non-whites, mainly blacks. They hope to bring back the power of the nazis, but the movement is too weak to ever be successful.
It's nice to know that the nazi movement will never have the strength to ever occur again.
by this is still Black Kat July 09, 2005
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