Anyone that believes in governance by the “noble lie” and the delusion of safety through global control.
Only criminally retarded Fox News viewers think Neoconservatives are really conservative.
by frick1 March 28, 2010
Also called neo-con, this political philosophy is a combination of liberal and traditional conservative views.

On domestic issues, Neocons say they are for limited government, free market solutions and things like that. However, when non-interventionist tactics do not yield the result they want, they have no qualms about using government power to garner the desired result.

For foreign policy issues, they tend to refrain from using diplomacy. Neocons tend to participate in nation-building in the attempt to set up desired governments in other countries. They claim to support liberal democracies and human rights abroad but generally are more than willing to abandon this goal if it won't create the desired effect. Neocons usually want to use massive military force to solve most international issues despite the fact that very few of them have ever served.

Neocons see the world in binary, good vs evil and us vs them, terms. They are generally upper middle and upper class white people with college educations (ie the stereotypical WASP) but there is also a strong neocon segment among poor whites with little education (ie the stereotypical redneck). Tending to be socially conservative, they often belong to evangelical Protestant Christian churches and claim to have strong moral values. They love the status-quo.
Neoconservative people primarily belong to conservative groups and parties such as the GOP and NRA. This leads to power struggles in these groups as tradition conservatives, paleoconservative and conservative libertarians (all sharing similar values) fight the neocons for control and to be the face of the group.

The most famous neocon is George W Bush
by northendwhitetrash November 27, 2009
see "Chicken Hawk".
Some bommer baby "intellectual" who sleazed himself out of serving in Vietnam, but 30 years later is way too eager to send somebody else to war. They have two other distinguishing charicteristics.
1) When they start trouble they call it "pre-emptive strike. When the sand niggers do thje same thing they call it "jihad."
2) Even tghough they were too yell themselves to go to Vietnam, they have the balls to call Vietnam vets who question them (like john Kerry) "traitors"
Flaming hypocrytes!!
by FederalQ2 March 09, 2004
A traitor. Neoconservatives believe in forcibly seizing the livelihood of Americans, under threat of abduction and imprisonment by the IRS, and the transfer of said earnings to foreigners, for instance, residents of the fanatically Islamic anti-American terror-state of Iraq—a nation in which more than 85% of the general public supported 9/11.

“Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort.” –The Constitution

The Iraqi general public are enemies (and hate Americans so much they want us to die in a fire - polls show more than 85% of Iraqis supported the 9/11 attacks). Giving aid and comfort to enemies constitutes treason as clearly defined by the Constitution. Without exaggeration, neocons, that believe in theft of American livelihoods, and the subsequent spending of said earnings on elections, public services, building schools etc. for our enemies (the Iraqis), are traitors and should be executed as such.
Anyone that supported the Iraq invasion for reasons other than homeland security is a neoconservative and an international communist traitor that ought to be dragged out into the street and shot in the head, and dumped far enough out-to-sea that his or her treasonous commie remains don’t wash-up on American shores in any recognizable form.
by frick1 March 29, 2010
"A liberal who has been mugged by reality." (Irving Kristol)
The difference between a neo-conservative and a bleeding-heart liberal is: the former gets mugged and actually does something to prevent it from happening again, while the latter is so afraid of being accused of "profiling" that he becomes the victim he thinks his predators are.
by fifilarue August 24, 2014
American conservative group that experienced after Ronald Reagan. Neo-Cons typically beleive in Supply side economics, a free market, and social conservatism. (IE: anti-abortion and anti-gay marriage) It is (as of the writing of this definition) the largest group of republicans, including people such as George W. Bush, Tom Delay, and Dick Cheney.

Other powerful factions of the Republican party are the Evangelical Protestants, and the Libertarians.
I, as a neo-conservative, beleive that abortion is murder and that the tax system is currently unfair.
by Matt April 25, 2005
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