a universal adjective, noun, verb, phoneme, sound, or general utterance that can be used when words simply cannot suffice.
"I'm so mad! NENG!"

or sometimes, you can't even use words, simply, "Neng! neng neng... neng."

"I whip my neng back and forth!"
by thematherbat March 05, 2012
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The sound that comes from a horny rat. Sometimes it is also called by hyperactive little boys when attacking innocent bystanders.

"NENGG!!" said the horny rat.
by Horny Rat Tamer June 28, 2006
A Hmong Goddess. Kind, patient, radiant, blessed with talent and beautiful. All Hmong clans wish their daughters could be as beautiful and talented. It is said that rarely, a Hmong daughter will be blessed with Neng's beauty if she so chooses.
I wish I was as beautiful as Neng
by Your Hmong Goddess December 06, 2010
One of the great demons of a small demon clan.
Random Guy: "Look it's Neng! Be careful!!"
by Experiment March 03, 2008
a; (adj) To be generally bad, low grade, shit.

b; (noun) An isult similar to loser, idiot, or pussyhole.

c; (noun) A friend, specificaly a fellow road man or urban brotha.
"hey fuck you you little neng bit!"
by UrbanBrotha01 December 17, 2009
A Hmong word for retarded homosexual men
man that guy is such a neng
by Niskam March 01, 2008

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