Instant messaging slang.

Often, people misinterpret the meaining of nm. Nem is an alternative to nm, meaning "Never Mind" in order to
distinguish it from "Not Much".
<Chris> Are you an idiot?
<Tim> Pardon?
<Chris> nem
by Johnno31 August 07, 2006
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them; some other people; more than one
My cousin and nem went to the club last night and saw T.I.
by Poody December 14, 2003
egg roll, kind of traditional Vietnamese food. It is including pork meat(if someone can't eat pork, they can use beef to replace), egg, Vietnamese mushroom, onion, some Vietnamese spice. All of them are mixed together and then they are rolled. Finally, frying them.
Jenny: Hey Trang, what will you prepare for the party in our class?
Trang: I am not sure, but may be my mom will help me prepare Nem and Pho which are the traditional Vietnamese food. I hope our class will like them because they are really special.
by Trang Nguyen November 12, 2005
pronoun: slang for "and them" or "others" that aren't present. usually added after a person's name to imply that the subject is accompanied by other people. The subject can be linked to this pronoun with the word "and" or sometimes not. used most often in southern parts of the United States.
Carla and "nem" are coming to dinner with us.
by trenton doyle hancock October 21, 2007
no, none, or any other word you want it to be. "nem" can be sung over and over to one's self quietly, as a sort of soothing word, like "bubbles"
"I'm not as think as you drunk i am, nem, nem, nem, nem..."
by evilellie January 18, 2005
You and the rest of the crew.
"Sarah told Holly'nem to meet her at the hoe down next to Willy'nem's house."
by Becky'nem June 16, 2009
A nemisis or enemy. A person who is disliked and is not well received.
Alec: I can't wait to get away from my uni nems and go to Poland with my real friends.
by ajshdjaskdasdasdas November 24, 2009
A Portuguese and Brazilian word that is used as an affectionate nickname used for pets and very small children. The 'm' in "Nem" is pronounced with a nazel sound, which sounds like an 'ng'. So Ne(ng).
Oh look at my Nem, he's so cute!
by Sereia September 07, 2009

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