to be beast and to poun all while being off your medications.
bro you're such a nelson at dead island.
by jakXIII January 09, 2012
Small town in england well known for being the most boring place on the earth
god i hate living in nelson, theres nothing to do here
by Effyofthebates April 05, 2011
nelsoning. (v.) to lie. spam, invite yourself somewhere (adj.) to be a liar, compulsive lies.
My uncle own numerous boats and jet airplanes, and he is the star of the newest Indiana Jones movie... stop being a nelson kid.
by JjHair November 23, 2009
To cruelly laugh in the presence of someone's misfortune.
I got fired today and my boss's assistant nelsoned me as I was cleaning out my desk.

I fell while rollerblading in the park and some jerk gave me a Nelson out a car window.

by Masner July 15, 2008
a Guy with the last name Nelson usually has multiple holes in his little Guy downstairs, shits his pants and quotes anchorman during sex. it is not past a Nelson to eat Twinkies at 4am or hide their double chins with facial hair. Most Nelson's appear to be normal but use their relatives "inventions" to try to play it cool.
man 1:"dude I farted and I shit my pants can you take me home to change"
man 2:"ahh man your nasty you should be a Nelson!"

man 1:"dude I got mad air snowboarding last week"
man 2:"oh yeah well my uncles father's cousin invented snowboarding"
man 1:"shut the **** up quit being a Nelson"
by Mrs.J P December 29, 2009
adj. someone who is whipped or easily influnced by the female sex
Stop being a Nelson, and don't do her chart homework for her
by Coolkid34 May 10, 2006
A man with a huge nose,

on a different scale of size, would be used only if this nose was incredibly big.
(man walks past that has a ridiculously big nose)

You say: coor thats a Nelson and a half aint it
Your friend: indeed it is my friend indeed it is
by MR.SERIOUS May 07, 2009
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