Referring to any video or still shot of our favorite guys, usually from, but not limited to, The Vampire Diaries, with any missing article of clothing. Most popular being their shirts. Of course, we're always up for more!

If you're on Twitter or have seen #TVDAfterDark, you KNOW what #nekkid means! #nekkidIan having been the first ever known example ;)
ZOMFG! That's nekkidIan!
NEKKIDDAMON in a shower scene! *swoon*
MORE nekkidDAMON in a bubble bath! WHY am I not there?
Anymore nekkidPaul? We need more nekkidPaul!
NekkidPaul and NekkidDamon bring in the ratings....just sayin.

nekkidCher = NO!
nekkidScarlett = YES!
nekkidMcSteamy = YES!
nekkidMickJagger = NO!
by rebelnation February 14, 2011
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