The lazy man's way of pronouncing "naked". Sometimes associated with being a hick, with exceptions for dark haired men.
Go get nekkid and shovel your driveway.
by the master of pronounciation January 22, 2005
Top Definition
Nekkid is not simply being without clothing--It means you are gettin' nekkid for mischevious purposes. Naked is natural; nekkid is naughty.
"Come over quick, Shirley! I'm getting nekkid!"
by JamiSpoon May 24, 2003
1Nekkid--The traditional way a Southerner pronouces the word "naked."

2Nekkid--being without ones clothes, but up to something more titalating and provacative, especially of a sexual nature.
1Mama, all of those kids are nekkid as jaybirds and playing in the creek.

2Mama, I just saw Charlie and Sue in the hayloft of the barn and they were nekkid!

2Here comes one of those streakers and he is nekkid as a jaybird!!!
by knobdikker January 05, 2010
The act of being naked and up to something inappropriate; usually sexual
Aidan: Dude, I walked in on my mom in our living room- nekkid!
Matt: Aw, man that sucks.
Aidan: I know, and even worse, it was with the gardener!"
by lover_fighter_Sym August 13, 2008
A fun way of being naked!
You know that your gonna be havin a gud time if ur gettin nekkid!
*mobile rings* Hi what ui up2?
*reply* he he! im gettin nekkid!
by surfergirl April 26, 2004
When ya aint got no clothes on and yer up ta no good.
Nichole(on phone): Hey i'm gettin nekkid!
by Big Bad Bee January 10, 2006
a playful way of saying naked. which prolly means your bein playful..which involves mouths, hands, and those parts of you are exposed thus makin you naked
hey sunshine. lets get nekkid *nudge nudge wink wink*
by div February 08, 2004
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