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some hot chick from PR who likes to get butt nekkid and work it like a stripper pole
DO NOT DISTURB cuz a nekkid Puerto Rican girl is making Harry Longfellow VERY HAPPY!
by The Deuce December 16, 2005
63 38

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a sexy as hell Puerto Rican chick who's bare ass naked & she wants to ride your dick
Nuthin better than a nekkid Puerto Rican girl ridin my dick!
by Bozz Hawg April 20, 2004
285 127
Similiar to the Holy Grail; the ultimate; the highest plateau one can achieve while still living.
"Dog, you gotta get to this party. Forget the concert, forget your girl, Jose has about 10 nekkid puertorican girls there who just graduated cathlic school." Just lovely.
by Angel August 21, 2004
112 41
My favorite type of woman, especially when she calls me "Papi!"
Muy bonita!
by Nasty Nate May 12, 2004
72 40