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simply put, boring neighbors. people who think you really care about their lives when, in fact, you wish you could move somewhere far, far away just to get away from them.
lady next door:.....then she said.....just back from visiting my sister in Peoria.....couldn't find a thing in recipes for hamburger helper.....never buy a german car, my father always said.....(two hours later).....well, i can't stand here talking all day.....(another hour later).....wait, don't you want to see my niece's picture?
me: maybe some other time. i've got to go in now (escaping to the safety of my own apartment, i close and lock the door, and start looking through the rental ads-do they list apartments under "no neighbores allowed?)
by earpuller June 06, 2006
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A person who lives next to you, but is completely uninteresting.
Hey, do you want to invite the guy who just moved in to the Alfred Street crawl? No, he's a neighbore.
by kellieg May 23, 2009
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