In Marijuana culture, Neighbors is the term used to be placed next in line to hit the pipe/joint/bong/blunt, Only used once right before you spark up.
Me: I got greens
Anyone: I got neighbors
You: I got neighbors neighbor
by Andrew Burkett August 29, 2004
1) (n)- a person that surpasses any friendship on the planet.
2sy) (n)- a person who shares errything, including "doorfs."
3) (n)- a person who can be counted on to be an incredible person, even in the crappiest of situations.
4) (n)- a person that can't be lived without.
5) (n)- a word that can't really be captured through a written definition.
I love my neighbor.
by ballssizeofraisins December 13, 2010
A guy who lives within a 100ft of you and enters your computer by the back door to find out all about you then uses that to wind you up and play silly games. He also phreaks you out.

The term "neighbor" is also used for telecommunications guys and girls who walk or drive by within 350 ft (or up to a mile) with empty cans resembling cola cans or coffee mugs which they use as a listening device.
The baseball caps have arrived, they're walking about aimlessly outside as usual and look, there's the "neighbor" walking by with his empty cola can listening to what we're saying. Maybe we should introduce them & have them listen to each other instead of us.
by THE ENHANCED July 11, 2011
a word you would never want to refer to a black person as, starting with "N" and ending with "R"
"Dude, some Canadians just moved in next door, and they've been pumping Wu Tang all day!!"

"Fckn neighbors"
by larrylowlife January 30, 2008
People who you live next to. Some can be nice, others can be complete dick heads or hicks.
When I was little, the neighbors were yelling at my dad for our dog barking at night. However, those dogs were dead for about 2 years when he made the complaint.
by lunar shadows November 07, 2004
a slang term created by rednecks referring to black people. Not as offensive as nigger but should still be mentioned cautiously in their presence. Rednecks also use the term "neighbor" to refer to their black people do with "nigger"
Did you see those neighbors who just walked in? or Hey neighbor, what's up?
by jarendipity March 06, 2011
Someone who lives next door to you who is a registered sex offender, stalker and or serial killer.
the neighbors who reside in the house with green pickup truck are sex offenders who are bros.
by my neighbors are gay September 01, 2010

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