Top Definition
The sound horses make.
Human: Good horsey!
Horse: Neigh-neigh!
by secretagentWHOA July 18, 2006
A blonde cat with a Swedish name. EVERYONE LOVES NEIGH NEIGH
Lizey: "Did you just see that Neigh Neigh?"

Jin Jens: "No."
by JINJENS March 24, 2011
People who live nearby or in your general neighborhood. In additional to the obvious geographical meaning, the term has deep emotional, philosophical and (some say) sexual implications.
Person 1: Yo - you wanna invite the neigh-neighs over tonight?
Person 2: Yeah! Let's invite them for yokie-dokes!
by Spy Shack May 02, 2014
A male Human... Who wud think of calling male humans neigh-neigh's??? Weird.
Prof.: and so that is the anatomy of... a neigh-neigh's Penis.
by sabian June 02, 2004
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