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The sound horses make.
Human: Good horsey!
Horse: Neigh-neigh!
by secretagentWHOA July 18, 2006
29 5
A blonde cat with a Swedish name. EVERYONE LOVES NEIGH NEIGH
Lizey: "Did you just see that Neigh Neigh?"

Jin Jens: "No."
by JINJENS March 24, 2011
19 5
People who live nearby or in your general neighborhood. In additional to the obvious geographical meaning, the term has deep emotional, philosophical and (some say) sexual implications.
Person 1: Yo - you wanna invite the neigh-neighs over tonight?
Person 2: Yeah! Let's invite them for yokie-dokes!
by Spy Shack May 02, 2014
2 0
A male Human... Who wud think of calling male humans neigh-neigh's??? Weird.
Prof.: and so that is the anatomy of... a neigh-neigh's Penis.
by sabian June 02, 2004
4 17