(adv.) A noise made by people who drink too much milk, and laugh.
Yo, so I heard today that Ja Rule quit show buisness and rejoined back up with the Lollipop Guild. Ne-Ha!
by G-Union May 16, 2003
a girl who acts like a blonde (i.e. ditzy and well, blonde) but is of non-white decent.. i.e. indian or hispanic
You just pulled a Neha.
You sound like Neha.
by Pashaa November 14, 2007
Another name for Nehoe. Funny little girl who enjoys chicken.
Neha made Anish buy her some Nando's Chicken.
by Anish February 28, 2004
n: depressant
i woke up to a perfect morning today, all i did was pop a neha, walk out the door, and there goes the rest of my day...
by darkraincloudsallovermybody April 10, 2011
chiquita pero picosa
esa morra esta chiquita pero picosa
by alberto preciado October 08, 2003
a fish which originated from a small town called Dubai, but unaccepted by her own people so she much have roots from the Indian ocean and come to study in the north sea.
a fish with a very peculiar face and can change it many times a day. enjoyes birthday parties and talking to other fish
neha stop swimming and d your work.
why why must you be a neha (fish)
your such a fish face or Neha face
by yash dhutiaa May 20, 2008
1) to provdie oral sex very freely in order to recieve minty fresh deposits.

2) to have an intense desire for all small penis carriers.

3) to reject large penis carriers out of fear of incompetence.
Did you see her lick her lips after she Nehad him.

She will definately Neha him becuase she cannot handle any penis THAT big.

by nehaspecial December 11, 2006

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