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An American blonde overweight, trailer park inhabitant woman who often engages in sexual relations with black men.
"J'all see Billy Sue runnin 'round with that Tyrone boy again?"

"Yeah, damn that girl is such a negropheliac."
by John Curtis September 02, 2007
One who loves black people excessively.

Can also be a "Wanna-be negropheliac" if they pretend to love black people simply so they won't be viewed as racist
"OMG!!! I love Lil' Wayne so much!!!

"What a bunch of negropheliacs..."
by Mull-Dawg February 03, 2009
a person possessing a fetish for having sex with dead black people.
John is an ex-cop from Chicago who used to cap black people for sexual pleasure. This makes John a negropheliac.
by Chester H. Bane October 07, 2009
A black man who works in a morgue because he loves to admire the Chinese man's small penis. Also, he is black.
Latisha's boyfriend. See Latisha Hudnall
by Travis and Adam December 13, 2003
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