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a nigger who believes in black power.

omfg look its a NIGGER and he thinks he is smart! what a negronazi.

to the gas chamber with him
by jim870 May 07, 2007
A caucasian person (usually male) who proclaims their race "superior" and regularly jams gangsta rap music.
Carol took his pillow-case mask and Tupac CD to the negro-nazi party.
by Placebo Nightingale October 04, 2012
A black person of Germany descent that strongly believes that he is superior to both black and germany people.
More likely known as Sully.
I.E. Black guy doing the nazi salute while taunting other races.

Ex. " Damn Sully you negro nazi, sooner or later someone is going to beat you!"
by Sully-Bear December 09, 2009
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