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1. Synonym for blackhead. Subcutaneous dirt appearing black or brown (mole like) clogging a pore causing it to swell.
2. noun, adjective- Conjunction of Negro + Android, To form a term for African American automatonism- just going through the works as defined by extraneous social systems of behavior.
1. I got totally spiffed up, but she's not even going to dig my shit because of this frickin negroid.

2. This dude's got it all figured out- He's got all the duds, and he's just spittin a bunch of negroid bullshit.
by Dustin crops November 10, 2006
The anthropological term for someone of the negroid sub-species.
This skeleton appears to have a negroid bone structure thus this man was of African descent. Caucasoids and Negroids have different bone structures.
by HowdyDoodyTime April 30, 2006
A black (African) robot or a mildly retarded black person.
That broke negroid barely could support his six baby mamas.
by Urban Dictionary April 20, 2008
A derogatory term for an african american cyborg, commonly used in graphic novella such as 2000 A.D.
"Hey you! Negroid get out of here before i get the klan on you!"
by Randall Flagg March 07, 2005
A myth created by liberals to make everyone who's not of this mysterious skin color feel guilty and buy/watch a whole bunch of shit nobody cares about in February.

How come you never see any blacks anymore except on television? Because they don't exist, they're just a pigment of our imagination.
Paul: Hey, did you hear about Tyrone's Grandmother?

Bob: Paul I keep telling you Tyrone, the civil rights movement, black "culture," and all negroids in general don't fucking exist. They are not real, niggers are extinct.

*Bob is sentenced to the maximum penalty for hate speech*
by Anon1978 June 30, 2009
A type of steroids for African American people.
African American Guy 1: Yo sup, want some negroids?

African American Guy 2: Fuck yeah.
by JosephCunanan July 18, 2011
a variation of negro but just as you can and can be related mongoloid or just something to further angry the black community
Phil: These negroids show no mercy!
Debra: Indeed.
by Coke_nail June 23, 2009
a black robot
Cyborg from "Teen Titans" was half negroid, half black kid.
by Hub April 07, 2012