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Being very very tanned
I went to the beach and now I am very negrocious
by Anne December 01, 2003
The act of performing a spectacular sports-related feat.
An NFL player makes a particularly hard hit on an opposing player, leaving him dazed for several minutes. "That was a negrocious hit."
by Heavy Dog D July 14, 2006
full of blacknes, beyond blackness
jessica alba has become quite negrocious
by task one August 29, 2003
The term used to describe an ignorant act
Jerry: you see that 300 pound mexican blocking the wal-mart aisle...

Tyrone: That's negrocious!
by Skuzzle Fuck February 26, 2011
Bein as black as ben wallace wen u should be rockin a tan like yao ming
damn that JBuck guys gettin mad negrocious
by J Buck January 31, 2005