word comonly used to say wats up when ur talking to an african american person is talking to an african american person.Usually amongst friends
exmple:a black guy walks into a store. He sees his friend. He says"wats good negro". the guy responds "nutin posted nigga how bout u"?
by taheed March 08, 2007
Нерасистское слово, в переводе с испанского, означает "чернокожий"
One of my best friends is a negro ( Один из моих лучших друзей - чернокожий )
by Southsider Trece July 12, 2015
In modern usage, a polite term sometimes employed by black people to avoid using the word nigger. Meant to be derogatory, it denotes deep disrespect and disapproval.
"Did you know that Negro voted straight Republican in the last election?!"
by hootnannie October 22, 2009
The word Negro is Spanish for BLACK. The Spanish language comes from Latin, which has its origins in Classical Greek. The word Negro in Greek, is derived from the root word 'necro', meaning dead.
Honky: That nigger aint a negro yet! Wait till I hang him from my tree!
by JLM September 02, 2005
A word used to predominantly describe African-Americans in an often, underrogatory manner. An antecedent of the word nigger, nigga, gigaboo, porch monkey, and black.
1 out of 4 negroes will not be able to go to college because of poor funding in their community and no stable job placements.
by co'caine April 03, 2007
Negro another form of saying Nigger
Charlie: you see that film last night?
Bob: the one with the negro?
by OMGWTFBBQ?! February 26, 2005
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