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1.(n) A debby downer
2.(n) A person who's named Nancy and automatically get's offended by the useas an expression
Person1: let's go shopping!

Person2: No I don't wanna...

Person1: Man, you're such a negative Nancy!

Nancy: Hey what do you have against me!! I'm not negative!!! Geeze!!!

Person1+2: ......... Sorry.....
by dgrayman March 03, 2010
a negative person always ruining things
sailor: Sak, your being such a negative nancy! why cant we swim or tip?
Sak: i have the authority, shut up
by cascadineddy August 16, 2007
One who commonly walks in to a room, puts his/her hands on their hips and looks up at the ceiling with a deep sigh.
Man walks in to a room with hands on his hips and sighs.
Cliff: Goddammit Marc, why are you always being a Negative Nancy?
by Cliff H. March 15, 2006
pessimist, also known as PJ Maganaro
PJ is a negative nancy.
by NOT NOT PJ February 23, 2005