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Adverb. having the same meaning as no or incorrect.
Person 1- Are you going to that new club tonight?

Person 2- Neez, I am going to the bar instead.
by Melissakills August 18, 2006
9 4
A substitution for the word nigga. Used in only the right places tho. Never put the word " my" before it.
instead of sayin yo nigga this girl is trippin. you can say yo neez this girl is stumblin.
by Jbigz January 10, 2008
7 2
Derived from the slang phrase "Taiwanese Neeega". Means ghetto, 'bad', cool, or messed up. Generally an all purpose exclaimatory.
Dude, that was so Neez!
You are a neez!
by Twumanator June 06, 2003
2 9