a joint word made up of nice and teets.
That girl has some neets!!
by william/steve April 18, 2011
Another way of saying no or nah. Usually said when there is a lot of emotion behind the word. originated in elmwood park nj
"do you like me?"
by albanian guy September 23, 2009
Northern England variation of night.
Man: "Where do you wanna gan the neet?"
Man2: "Doon the Biggie, and howk dafties till ah faal awwa an get nicked by the bizzies"
Man: "Champion" (etc)
by Bonny Lad2 January 12, 2006
cool or smart
Your shirt is really neet
by Anonymous January 31, 2003
A extremely horrific curse word from midevil times, as heard in Monty Python's Quest for the HOLY GRAIL (rent it if you have'nt seen it)
Knights who say Neet: NEET, NEET, you must bring me a......... SHRUBBERY!!, or i will say neet. NEEEEEEEET, NEEEEET
by Cyco August 19, 2004

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