The female genitalia; vagina; hooha

used twice (neener neener), it's a verb. Generally meaning acts of a sexual nature.
"You wanna touch my neener?"

"My Neener wants to neener neener with your Neener.
#hooha #vagina #genetalia #female #nenner #neeeener
by TheRealSid September 08, 2006
A word to describe Laura's small penis, that she whips out when kids are teasing her. Or Laura's definition: a small penis or male genitals
"Neener neener neener you can't catch me. Laura: Fuck that! **whips it out**" then all the little kids run away in fear...
by ALLAN April 22, 2004
A nickname for a girl named Jeannine.
Hi Neener!
by Neener February 05, 2004
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