A word to describe Laura's small penis, that she whips out when kids are teasing her. Or Laura's definition: a small penis or male genitals
"Neener neener neener you can't catch me. Laura: Fuck that! **whips it out**" then all the little kids run away in fear...
by ALLAN April 22, 2004
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(knee-nuhr) interj. An interjection typically used to taunt, ridicule, or boast.
"No thanks to you, but I was able to score the last tickets to the show tonight, and you're not going with me, so neener!"
by cowinator October 09, 2003
(n) nee-nurs
Genitals of either sex
The cock and balls form a system of neeners.
by inferior olive April 21, 2007
Neener (noun) - A neener is a person who takes the fun out of things, usually just by being who they are.
They usually will cite some lame reason like "They shouldn't give that free stuff to the employees, it should be used by the IT department"

Another example (Seattle, 2007):
"At a Christmas tree lighting, Mayor Nickels warned the kids they had to use energy efficient light bulbs, or climate change could melt the North Pole --- and drown Santa, his elves and all his reindeer."
Sometimes extreme environmentalists are called "enviro-neeners"
by phnhme February 16, 2011
1.A kid who drinks Pediasure and wears a helmet.

2. What those kids say when they are confused.
"Graesen, you are such a neener, now go drink your pediasure"!!
"Go put on your helmet too, neener!!"
by GargoyleGabri December 25, 2010
- Show Spelled nee-nhur
- adjective, noun

1. Person that is of a technical nature often speaking in techie jargon related to their given field. These people often lack some social skills but are not total nerds. These people tend to gather finding strength in numbers in attempts to bolster their lack of social status.

2. The person that you would not normally be friends with until your gadget/computer/technical device is not functioning correctly. You prey on their lower social status by acting as a friend even inviting them out (hoping they do not accept) in attempts to have your gadgets repaired or to attain "free" software
1. Look at Jonathan with his worn-out white sneakers, freebie tshirt and pristine computer. Notice that he does not look you in the face when he talks but he knows how to set-up a printer with your computer. He must be a neener.

Sidenote: Even thought Jonathan understands your Apple computer better than he understands his own sexuality, this does not mean he also understands your BlackBerry. Do not ask Jonathan to sync your BlackBerry

2. Sam is usually hanging out with famous people but he cannot connect to the mobile access point,...Sam is such a noob and doesn't know the difference between WEP and WPA so know he must find Greg, his favorite neener, so he can help Sam get online to update his Facebook status. Sam then invites Greg to go hang out later, Greg declines because he is a somewhat socially adept neener and understands the system.

3. An old truck driver just bought another PC notebook for $299 *sigh* and has already installed 7 different toolbars, a dozen poker programs and frequently surfs questionable websites...now his PC is running slow. The truck driver is usually a dick but is now being nice to the neeners and patronizing them. They give him what he wants just to make him go away.
by rubrduk March 13, 2010
A neener can be many things. Mostly used for reffering to someone or something smaller than you. It could also be used as an adjective to describe someone who just did something stupid.
To my little nephew who is 2. "Aw you so cute you little neener."
by Muzzypoo February 07, 2009
A sound a god makes when he is on the way to shove a lightening bolt up your ass

"Did you hear that sound?--OH GOD OW!"
by EatFeetAndChoke April 14, 2010

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