A nerd in math, has a lot of friends, and is just awesome
Stop being a Neel
by awesometyty6678 January 19, 2011
Top Definition
The Pimp of all pimps. This person has common characteristics such as very large balls, many hoes, etc.
That man is one bad ass Neel, look at all his bitches!
by mark desta October 22, 2007
A brilliant man with boyish qualities who can admit to anything without shame. He often has the best intentions and is very receptive to a woman's needs. He can be sensitive while still maintaining that devilish charm and illusion of danger that makes him so sexy. He loves to help people, though his love to BE loved by others can sometimes overshadow that. He is an ideal "partner" whether it be best friend, boyfriend or husband.
I think I'm in love. He could be the Neel I've been waiting for.
by Pixiekinz! February 04, 2010
A smart and sometimes comical child of Indian (teh dark ones) descent who attends John A. Rowland High School. He is nicknamed Kumar by his ever so populated posse of friends, and pimps the entire school without even trying.
OMG it's Neel! Start shining the Pimp Cane now!
by Keekle Berry January 09, 2005
A crazy motherfucker.
That is one neel
by thelizardking May 31, 2004
A guy who 420 blazes before school and after school.
Dam that guy just neels all day.
by PudhMaster202341 November 25, 2013
A really goofy guy that gets picked on a lot. Deepdown david is a good guy and a righteous dude but he comes off and acts like an awkward. He is usually texting on his phone or acting like he is texting.
that guy is a big ole douche. A royal NEELS
by THEJUNGLECAT February 11, 2010
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