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a white mans version of the word nigger which can be used around african americans without getting beat on. Often associated with their Ethiopian friend (origin of word) named Neegus who they enjoy making fun of if questioned in the presence of an african american.
Mark: yo whats good neegus
Zon: not much neeg, what about you
Mark: just chillin guy
Jamal: whats a neegus?
Allen: oh, just our Ethiopian friend were constantly ripping on
by MZ 1337 April 29, 2011
dirty southern alabama language, usally a whore speaking in the toung of crabs,
i saw a black amish man smoking a joint today, so i neegused him up a bit. he now talks neggusly, in a non offensive way heres a little bit of neegus talk, this is alabama we speak english, if you want to live here, learn it NEEGUS PLEASE!!!!!!
by METALLICA15 July 01, 2010