an extremely thin dick having the appearance of a sewing needle
bob has a pointy needle dick

by DAR May 01, 2003
a twerpy, untrustworthy guy
That's a needle-dick motherf#*ker
by Tony Brooms May 02, 2003
A dick so small that you can cut your finger on it.
We were taking a shower in the locker room the other day and that Josh kid's dick was so small that everyone calls him needle dick.
by Dread7447 July 25, 2005
very, very small penis
atit patel has a needle dick
by ryan May 25, 2003
also known as

wtf where u gonna put that
by Libido January 10, 2005
A small Penis thin and stubby
Sean Phillips was found to have a needle dick when he got pants in a locker room
by T3h 0wner June 19, 2006
little azn man on bus who get hard on which is tiny while on econ trip in school bus
Michael Liu while napping shows needledick on bus during wet dream.
by Me hott May 12, 2006
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