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An insult that is used throughout Australian culture to insult anothers penis size.
Kevin: Nice face Needle Dick.
George: Screw You!
by Geo12 December 14, 2008
5 8
a dick that is child-sized ,but on a man!
Shane has a needle dick.
by meee November 30, 2003
554 95
a tiny thin penis,only good for laughing at.
i saw you naked kevin, you have a little needledick. hahahaha
by stephine August 15, 2005
400 146
a very thin dick, often something used to pick your teeth with
after eating roast beef, robert picked his teeth with his needle dick.
by katie February 20, 2004
270 112
The exact opposite of a chode: A penis which is extremely long yet extremely skinny. Will not please a woman as much as a chode, as it is too skinny to touch the vaginal walls.
Fucking with a needle dick is like throwing a hot dog down a hallway.
206 74
a small thin dick
kevin s. has a needle dick small and thin
by j.s. June 07, 2004
124 40
a very tiny dick. one that can barely be seen. the width of a needle. Tiny pee-pee.
I have a needle dick.
by Soni Vitale January 13, 2008
119 57
Man with an extremely small penis
by Revolutionary July 05, 2003
90 50